IoT in the Construction & Mining Equipment Industries

Manufacturers of heavy construction and mining equipment, often referred to as “yellow equipment,” have always placed a premium on the uptime of the assets they sell. This equipment is expensive and vital to business efforts of the customers they sell to, whether they are rental equipment operators or large construction enterprises. For precisely this reason, these manufacturers routinely provide extensive warranties covering their products and incur significant expense supporting those warranties. At the same time, in order to improve their own financial performance while also delivering superior uptime to their customers, manufacturers of construction and mining equipment are looking at Internet of Things (IoT) technology as a means to improve business outcomes.


Real-Time Data

Heavy equipment used in large construction projects are essentially complex systems comprised of multiple interlocking subsystems, with the powertrain and hydraulics subsystems being the most susceptible to failure. Many manufacturers have already embedded sensor technology enabling the collection of operating data from a range of critical points within these subsystems. Thus far, the primary purpose of this data collection system has been to feed real-time and historic data to the equipment operator so that they can make more informed decisions concerning maintenance requirements.

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